Hank Wangford Hanks Media image gallery

Steve Earl and Hank with a mock-up of the wonderful Dolly Parton

Hank with John Faulkner, John Prine and Declan O'Rourke

Full English
Hank with a full english hat at Bridport Hat Festival

wangford Hall

Hank 'n' Brad in Kilts
Hank 'n' Brad
Coiled Spring
Hank prior to a gig!
Goat herd
Hank is a Mr Snook's of Bridport fan...
prince philip and hank
The old Duke....
miners benefit
A miners benefit gig just before the band and Hank were beaten up by thugs
Cockling-april 2012
Cockling in Connemara
bowled over
Hank is a Mr Snook's of Bridport fan...

with the Floyd

Hank with members of Pink Floyd on holiday in 1967

leaning left
Hank with Cherie Blair....