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Hank onstage at Bridport Electric Palace 2016


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Whistling in the Dark


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The Lost Cowboys

BJ Cole is a unique innovator on the Pedal Steel Guitar who has carved out a formidable reputation as a session musician and was also a founder member of the British post psychedelic band Cochise. He also established Cow Pie Records which led to his long term association with Hank Wangford.
B J Cole
Martin Belmont  
  Martin Belmont - Stratocaster and 6-String Bass, ex-Graham Parker & the Rumour, Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello, Johnny Cash. Best hard core country guitarist around. Hear him ride the whammy bar on the 6-string bass and tremble. A giant on his CD "BIG GUITAR".
  Kevin Foster
Kevin Foster - bass guitar. Doll by Doll bassist goes hard country. A powerhouse of C&W and honky tonk rhythms. In demand on the London roots music scene.
Roy Dodds  
Roy Dodds - drums. Ex-Fairground Attraction, plays with Eddie Reader and has produced her new album in 2000. Attached at the rhythmic hip to Kevin Foster.

Anna (Spanner) Robinson - Vocals and electric bass. Our outstanding new singer and Consultant Harmonist Anna (Spanner) Robinson.

Anna (Spanner) Robinson

big pink

Martin Belmont over in New York to celebrate a new documentary on Graham Parker & The Rumour, visits the legendary Big Pink in Woodstock where The Band made their first album "Music From Big Pink"


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